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The assistant relies on two competing neural networks:

NN based on the GTO strategy (Pio Solver)
What is GTO in poker?
GTO stands for game theory optimal, a strategy based on the Nash equilibrium, by which you can become unexploitable. Regardless of the course of action taken by your opponent, the decisions you make by GTO will always be optimal.

The GTO strategy works great against strong opponents who don’t make mistakes, but provides less EV when used against weak players. In the Internet you will find a large number of articles about GTO in poker that will help you get a handle on this topic.

NN based on the Exploit strategy.
The Exploit strategy is about taking advantage of vulnerable points in your opponent’s game in order to gain more value in certain situations. It is the opposite of the GTO strategy. All your opponents have their own play patterns in certain situations that you can capitalize on once you find them out. NZT integrates 2 sources of intel on opponents being used:

First – Pre-mining.
Opponent intel gained from third-party sources. The assistant works with 17 intel providers, which cover 65% of hands played in these popular poker rooms: PPPoker, UPoker, PorkerBros, Winamax.

Second – Statistics gathered by the assistant in real time.
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