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1) First go to the website
2) Download the NZT Poker App (apk file)
3) Register using your mobile number or email
4) Verify your account
5) Delete the poker room you are playing on (PPPoker, UPoker, PokerBros, Winamax)
6) Install the removed poker room from
7) Now you have 500 NZT of fuel (in app currency), which are automatically spent on tips
8) In the NZT application, move the slider against the poker room you downloaded.
9) Get tips - raise / fold / check / bet size - on every street!

only cach plays: NLH, PLO, PLO5
1 table
From Android 5.1+ mobile available: PPPoker, UPoker, PokerBros, winamax.
From the Android emulator available: UPoker, PokerBros, winamax.
iOS is not supported
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